JOINT BULLETIN by the Rotaract Clubs of Achievers Lanka Business School, RID 3220 and Izmir, RID 2440

President’s Message

ආයුබෝවන්! வணக்கம் ! Warm Greetings!

It is with great pleasure that I pen down this message to the Joint Bulletin between the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School and the Rotaract Club of Izmir. I believe that a Twin Club Agreement is a window of opportunity to strengthen the bond between the two clubs all the while exchanging cultures and building a long-lasting relationship between two clubs from different countries. Cultural exchange is a core component of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact. It is of paramount importance in fostering a sense of global leadership and service throughout our community. As a final note Therefore, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to everyone involved, who worked tirelessly with dedication and commitment to make this joint bulletin a phenomenal success!

Rtr. Sandithi Jagoda
Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School RID 3220- Sri Lanka & Maldives

President’s Message

As a president of Rotaract Club of İzmir, one of the oldest and best clubs in İzmir and even Turkey, I feel honored to experience and be a part of this long relationship between Rotaract Club of İzmir and Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School. This relationship dates to earlier terms of both clubs and have always been one of the best and most interactive relationship in Rotaract history. I’ve heard such beautiful things about our twin club and I’m happy to state that they were all correct. One of Rotary’s core principle is improving international relationship and bonds, and with this joint bulletin, I believe we all have achieved that. I, sincerely thank everyone who had a part in making of this relationship. May this relationship between two clubs brings lots of connections and solidarity with it

Rtr. Cansu Çine
President of Rotaract Club of İzmir 2022-2023
RID 2440

Games In Sri Lanka

There are many sports in silence some of them are popular while some are not. Sri Lanka’s national sport is Volleyball. But the most popular game is cricket. There are various types of games for different occasions such as traditional games, New year games, games played in leisure time, etc.

Traditional Games

Some of the traditional sports in Sri Lanka include “Kabaddi”, “Chak- gudu”, “Olinda keliya”, and “Elle”. These are the games that ancient people used to play mostly and still people play these kinds of games but not many.


This is a game played by two teams where each team consists of seven players and this game is played on a court. From a team, one person comes forward at a time to touch the players to score points in the other team and run to their part of the court without getting caught by the opposite team within 30 seconds.


Elle is a game where mostly played in rural or urban areas. It is a popular bat and ball game that people also called it as softball. This game is played between two teams and it involves a hitter, a pitcher, and fielders. In this game, the hitter gives three chances to hit the ball. After hitting the ball with the bat by the hitter one round has to be completed which may include four stoppings. If the fielders caught the ball the hitter gets out. Then the fielders can hit the hitter with the ball before he completes the round which can be also considered as an out to hitter. The hitter can only stop in one of the four stoppings so that the other members of the team can play next as the hitter. The team which gets the highest number of runs wins the match.

Olinda Keliya

It’s a game where people play with a wooden board that has nine that on it which is called as “Olinda Poruwa This game can be played by two players seated either side of the wooden board players drops four beads (Olinda seeds) in each hole. The players will shift the beads from one hole to other and collects the beads at the last hole where the last bead is dropped. In this game the one who collects most of the beads wins. The rules in this game can differ from area to area.

New year games

Games such as “Kotta Pora” (Pillow fight), “Kana Mutti” (breaking pots), “Lissana gaha nageema” (climbing the greasy pole), “Banis Keema” (bun eating contest), and “Gudu Keliya” are played during the New year period.

Kana Mutti (breaking pots)

This is one of the main games during the new year’s season. In this game mostly two or three pots will be hung using a rope. One of the pots will be filled with ink and others will be empty. One person is sent at a time by rotating and they should move forward blindfolded with a bar to break the correct pot. And the person who hits the right pot with blue ink will be the winner.

Kotta Pora (Pillow fight)

Kotta pora is a game where two players will sit on a pole above the ground. And one hand should be tied behind the back and using the other hand one should hold a pillow. Using the pillow, the player should attack the opponent until the opponent falls.

Leisure games

There are many games played during leisure time such as hopscotch, “Eluwan Keema”, Carrom, “thachchi”, etc.

Eluwan keema

This game is played where the people should form a circle by holding hands one should be inside the circle and the other person should be outside the circle while singing a relevant song the person should try to break the circle and catch the person inside the circle.


This is a tabletop game where a maximum of four people can play using a carrom board the player has to drop the carrom discs to the holes in the corner using a striker with the flick of the finger.

Games of Turkey

Sword-Shield Game (kılıç-kalkan oyunu)

Sword-shield is a traditional Turkish Game and it’s originated from Ottoman Empire. Its initial release dates back to the Burse Siege (1317), where Muslim Turkish soldiers displays a show with their swords and shields. To this day, it is played in Bursa, one of Turkey’s oldest cities and once the capital of the Ottoman Empire,in festivals and holidays.

The game symbolizes fight, discipline, harmony, piece and entertainment. The game can be played with eight, ten or more players and with two teams. Each team has their captains. The teams scout the area, hit their sword hilts to their shields, hone their blades and start fighting each other. If there are experienced players in both teams, injuries don’t occur. Game’s unique characteristic is that it’s played without a sound, making the harmony of every player more interesting.

Hopscotch (Seksek)

Hopscotch is a children game, where children draw attached squares, making a T-shaped symbol with chalk and write numbers in each square. Afterwards, they grab a stone and throw it to the symbol on the ground. Wherever the stone lands, players have to go and getthe stone with one foot. They have to advance from the square with the lowest number to the square with the highest number. When they reach the square that has the stone on, they have to bend and grab the stone while maintaining their one-foot pose. After they grab the stone, they have to go back to the start. This time, they have to advance from the square with the highest number to the square with the lowest number. It requires a good balance, probably one of the reasons why this is not played among adults.

Marble (misket)

Marble is also a very popular game among Turkish children. It is played with marbles made from glass or iron. It’s played in various ways. There is a version that requires players to stand 5 meters apart from each other and try to hit their marbles. The one who hits the most wins the game. In another version, the players form a triangle with marbles. The goal is to throw the marbles inside of triangle. If it passes or doesn’t reach the triangle, the point is not awarded.

Grease Wrestling (yağlı güreş)

Grease wrestling is a traditional Turkish sport. Wrestlers apply olive oil to their skins. That’s where the sport got its name. Matches hold place in an area called “Field of Contest”. The reason for applying oil to skin is to make it harder for wrestlers to grab and grapple each other, making the sport a really tough trick work.

There is a traditional grease wrestling event called “Kırkpınar Wrestling”. It takes place in June every year. It is held in memoriam to Süleyman Pasha and 40 Muslim Turkish soldiers, who passed the Dardanelles and landed in Gallipoli, the joined Roumelia Conquests. It’s originated from Ottoman Empire.

Spoon Game (kaşık oyunu)

In this game, players hold wooden spoons as a rhythm device. The game is related to Turkish nomads in Anatolia and Turkmenia’s. The themeof the game can be mountain game. Orit can be played as a fun activity between the males in the village. The uniform wore in this game is called “Seleucia (Silifke)”. It’s been played as a fun activity in weddings with music.

Zeibek (zeybek)

It’s played by a male solo performer or multiple male performers forming a circle. Zeibek symbolizes a vigilante, which protects his community bravely. The form of the performer must be orthostatic, his arms must be at the same level with his shoulders, and his hands must be at the same level with his waist. Performer slowly moves with big steps, sometimes he raises his hands and snaps his fingers and sometimes he gets down on one knee. These are the characteristics of this game.

Zeibek’s initial occurrence is associated with the vintage festivals. In First Age Anatolia, events like drinking wine and smashing grapes are often celebrated with festivals and dances, in order to glorify them. The reason of the feet being more active than the hands in Zeibek is associated with imitation of the grape smashing ritual. Also, Zeibeks wear hats with leaves on them, it is also believed that it’s a symbolization of grapes and vine trees.

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