“Quiz Buzz” was a newly introduced quiz competition by the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School to foster knowledge, camaraderie, and a spirit of healthy competition among participants. It was carried out in collaboration with Achievers Lanka Business School, Interact Club of Kingswood College Kandy and the School Quizzers’ Association. This initiative provided an opportunity for intellectual engagement, and catered to a wide audience, including Rotaractors, Interactors and other quiz enthusiasts. Each quiz session comprised multiple rounds, covering diverse topics, thereby ensuring that participants are challenged and entertained. The project aimed to bring together individuals from different backgrounds to celebrate knowledge and teamwork.

The project is driven by several key objectives. It aims to generate funds for the club’s various community service projects and initiatives, encourage participants to broaden their knowledge base and engage in intellectual discussions, and provide a platform for members and participants to network and build relationships. It encompassed a virtual preliminary session and a semi final session, culminating in a finale where the top teams battled head-to-head to emerge champions of the competition.

On the day of the semi final and final round, the venue buzzed with enthusiasm as participants arrived, eager to test their knowledge. The quiz master, a representative of the School Quizzers’ Association, led the event seamlessly, ensuring a smooth flow of questions and interactions. Each round was carefully curated to challenge the participants while keeping the atmosphere lively and fun. At the conclusion of the event, all finalists and the top 3 teams were recognised for their efforts with scholarships courtesy of Achievers Lanka Business School, certificates and other prizes.

The impact of “Quiz Buzz” extended beyond the immediate event. Participants left with a sense of accomplishment, and the funds raised through the event were directed towards supporting the club’s ongoing projects, reinforcing the importance of community service and collective effort. 

Written by: Rtr. Aadhila Akram and Rtr. Zulfiquar Aysha

Edited by: Rtr. Hiruni Hettiarachchi

By Editor