The best kind of happiness is one that is unexpected. It might sound silly but I think one of the nicest feelings is when you get a card via mail or personally from a loved one, especially if it’s handmade. This may seem to be a small thoughtful gesture but it always seems to brighten the day. As a crafter, I think about it a lot when I create.

I think we all can agree that our world needs a little more kindness and love. But sometimes you don’t know how to add that out there, how to put more kindness and love out into the world. But this is something very simple that anyone can do. Because anybody can make cards, everyone can create. If you don’t know how to make a card, that’s fine. Just grab something you can easily find at your home and start creating. The most amazing thing about crafting is that unlike many other activities out there, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Therefore, you can simply experiment with what you have and you can also have fun while creating. You just have to let your creativity go and have a really good time crafting. Everybody is good at something. Maybe you have nice handwriting. You could draw or you could paint. Some can stitch while others can cut and paste. It doesn’t matter what you will and you can do because in the end, you will have this amazing handmade gift you can give to someone you care about. You could make a very simple card that is very quick and easy to make. It even could be something very simple as a handwritten note. It can be anything you can stick in an envelope and post or give in person to make them smile.

There’s nothing better.

While skills like eating and drinking can be spoon-fed to kids from their childhood, teaching them simple but very important things like being kind and nice to others can be tough. It is much more effective to teach them by showing them in actions. Crafting with your kids not only enhances their creativity but by sharing the cards with others who can be battling with cancer or even that friend at school who helped you, and seeing their faces light up with smiles will teach them more important things like the value of sharing and showing kindness. They will see how something small like creating a simple card could go a long way and make somebody’s day. Not just your kids, you can get together with your family and create something for each other or pass them along to your loved ones. Pooling everyone’s ideas together and creating while having fun would be the ideal weekend evening activity to spend some quality time with your family. It’s a great way to effectively teach them how to be kind.

This isn’t changing the world. But it’s changing people’s days. That can be quite impactful. Everybody has challenges, everybody is going through something whether it’s big or small. This is what it should be all about. Using your joy, whatever your job, whatever your hobby or whatever your passion is to spread that kindness. Although I only mentioned crafting, these simple acts of kindness can be anything. Use whatever your skill is, whether it’s baking, sewing or even planting during these tough times use your joy to bring joy to somebody else. If you love cooking you could make a meal for a poor family that is starving due to the curfew. If you are skilled in sewing you can make your own masks and maybe even share with others. If you love planting and have a vegetable garden share your harvest with others.

A lot of people feel a little hopeless in being able to make big changes in this world. And you don’t have to make big changes. It could be simple. It could be something as simple as making someone smiles on a bad day. That’s what this is all about. And that you get to have fun with it when you are creating, makes it even better.

Sharing Kindness

We all like superheroes. Even as I write, there are superheroes out there fighting for us, fighting to keep us safe. No, it’s not the superheroes in movies. It’s the real-life superheroes, our health care workers, officers of the tri forces and essential service providers. But just like them, I have my own superpower, crafting. Crafting is therapeutic and it also distracts me from everything that’s happening outside and all my anxieties. We don’t have to make complex and super nice cards. Just do what you can and make the simplest cards you can think of. If you have enough supplies make some extra cards that you can give anybody who fights in this battle. If you know a person (family or neighbour) you can give your cards to them ask them to pass around among their colleagues. And if you buy food and other items online or from the local trucks that come to your area, give them a card you made. It can make a huge difference. Having a purpose for what you create can help you revive your creativity. If you are someone who used to love creating but lost touch and couldn’t create for a long time because of family responsibilities and work, this is the perfect opportunity to get back and get your creativity genes working.

We can use our super power to help and encourage each other ♥

Sending out hugs 🙂

Stay home. Stay safe.

If you want to learn to make your own handmade cards, go to the link below where I give you step by step instructions for some very simple cards you can easily make at home. Remember, always try to be creative.

Rtr. Nethmi Lavanya

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