TATA GenX Nano Conquer Colombo 2017 – #ItOnlyGotTougher

Months of planning and coordinating paid off for the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School with the announcement of the winners of Conquer Colombo 2017. As per our promise, we strove to deliver spectacular and memorable experiences to all the contestants, by ameliorating the challenges and testing boundaries through numerous activities placed across Colombo.

The concept of Conquer Colombo centers on participants racing against time to solve clues and complete a set of challenges held in different locations within Colombo. Our event had participants running from the streets of Pettah to the well-known grounds in the heart of Colombo to conquer, compete and create unforgettable memories.

This year, Conquer Colombo 2017 was undertaken by our current president Rtr. Maneesha Abeyarathne and was chaired by Rtr. Shalutha Jayakody and Rtr. Samina Mohamedi,  with the aim of fundraising ‘Project Life’; a community service project to provide Rain Water Harvesting Systems to areas affected by Chronic Kidney Disease in the North Central Province.

This much-anticipated event was held on the 29th of January 2017 and our committee members were thrilled to see the outcome of their hard work as excited participants filled in the outdoor area of the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapakshe theater. Registrations commenced early morning as various teams with the crazy team names, funky rides and cool outfits prepared for the biggest scavenger hunt to hit Colombo yet. The event officially started at 12 noon and had contestants running, jumping, cycling and even eating their way through challenges to collect points and get through to the next phase.

Here is the list of the many challenges our contestants had to face, in reaction:

“TATA GenX Nano Test Drive” Challenge

This was the challenge sponsored by our Title Sponsor, and undoubtedly included valuable props (being the TATA Nano cars). Participants had to test drive the Tata GenX Nano Automatik through around the marked area in 1 minute click a group selfie with the vehicle afterward. Amidst a lot of cheering and guidance from the TATA Management, one team ended up running the whole course instead of using the car to do so!


“The Mannequin”

The Mannequin Challenge was held at the Fashion Bug outlet in Rajagiriya and involved all four members of the team having to dress up a mannequin with the given brand and type of clothing, which was a shirt, skinny and sarong with a hat of choice.

Many of them tried the most absurd ways to dress them up and thought it was easy as dressing up themselves, however it took a lot of skill on how to dismantle a mannequin. If points were based on the sense of style, to be honest, most of them would have failed but what could you expect when you are given a time limit of only 4 minutes?

Teams came in for the challenge throughout the day and towards the end, a much eager team called up Fashion Bug to tell them not to close the challenge until they made it. Unfortunately, after waiting for 15 minutes after challenges were closed, we could not accept their scores.
“Let’s Play!”

All the TV show addictions were put to great use in the  Iflix challenge. It included three tasks, of which the first was redeeming the vouchers that the participants had received. The second task required them to name ten TV show posters in a span of 2 minutes and the last involved selecting and completing one of the three challenges, namely, Arrow Challenge, Flash Challenge, and Gotham Challenge, within the given time span.

The Arrow Challenge involved contestants being split into two groups and were given three shots of which one was to be done blindfolded, with 2 shots in total being the benchmark for completion

The Flash Challenge required contestants to sit at either end of a boardroom table with two openings in the middle of either side of the table and successfully put 10 cards into the opening in a span of 2 minutes, while two throw cards, the other pair collected the unsuccessful cards to be attempted again.

Gotham Challenge, a classic “Who Dunnit?” awaited those who opted for a themed room complete with a chalk outline, blood spatter and a gun. A brief description was given on the wall in the form of a notice giving a slight insight into the individuals’ life, the task was to choose between murder and suicide and state the team’s method of deduction with the given elements present in the room.


“Maalu Maalu”

The Maalu Maalu challenge required contestants to count a bucket full of sardines and guess the number of fish in the bucket (using their bare hands!). Everyone seemed to enjoy the counting even though it was definitely on the yucky side of things.


 “Pol Pol”

As the name suggests, the contestants had to deal with coconuts! They were asked to scrape a coconut in 2 minutes, up to the marked point in a given container. The participants were so enthusiastic and some were even surprised that they managed to bend the blade all the way!


The 7 Star Pol Roti Challenge – “Masterchef”

This was another sponsored challenge organized by Serendib Flour Mills where the participants had to make and eating a pol roti within seven minutes, using the coconut from the previous challenge. It was interesting to watch as some had no idea how to make roti and some others ended up eating raw flour in a rush to make it to their next location.

Even though the participants ended up with flour all over themselves and blisters in their mouth from eating burning hot roti, they all said that they enjoyed this challenge very much.


“Slowest of them all”

This was another interesting challenge which tested speed (well, how SLOW they were). Participants (2 from a team) were required to ride a bicycle across the track at the slowest speed possible, taking the most amount of time (at least a minute), without keeping the foot down.

This challenge took place in front of Independence square, with many participants attempting this challenging bike ride, while their teammates cheered tirelessly, in this case shouting, “Go slower!”


“Truly Sri Lankan”

This challenge was a quiz testing the teams on how well they know our motherland.

The most exciting aspect of this activity was teamwork, as teammates had to put their heads together to come up with the correct answers to five questions on famous Sri Lankan personalities, and it was amazing to witness the enthusiasm!

Therefore the ‘Truly Sri Lankan’ challenge was a complete success and supported in the process of making Conquer Colombo better than ever!

“No Excuses”

This task at BodybyKris more or less challenged both mental and physical capabilities, where participants were instructed to load a bench-press so that the overall barbell would weigh 225lbs. This was to be done in a span of 3 minutes, after which the team was asked to take a selfie at the gym.

The well-built gym-addicted youngsters obviously had the upper hand on this one as they completed the task in no time and raced towards the next destination.

The participants were also given an added bonus in the form of a free week’s pass at BodybyKris.


“Pitch Black”

Out of the 18 exciting challenges around the city of Colombo, it was only this challenge that took place at our Club’s home, Achievers Lanka Business School.

Teams were required to find 5 tiny objects inside a room in complete darkness within 1 minute.

Teamwork was greatly tested here since each member had to do their part right and time was definitely not their friend in this challenge.

The majority of the teams ended up finding a minimum of 3 items, and few teams nailed it all the way.

“Buffalo Soldier”

The rodeo bull challenge required one member to continuously ride the bull for a span of 40 seconds, and immediately down a Buffalo energy drink can within a minute! – Who said it was that simple?

A surprising fact to note is that only 70 teams were able to figure out the clue while on the other hand, only 4 teams were able to make it through.


“Gobble Up”

The spicy ‘Pani Puri’ fiesta made sure that all four team members regained some energy as they had to eat their way through. Each team member had to have one pani puri each, one after the other, within the time limit of 30 seconds. Unfortunately, the members could not savor and pace their way through the delicious treat and instead had to rush through, leaving quite a mess at Panaash (challenge location).


“Hoop and Hoop”

This challenge had 2 parts to it that could be attempted by 1 or 2 members of the team. What it required was a free throw in 3 attempts with the objective to get one in. The second part involved the team member to hula hoop in one attempt, for 20 seconds. It certainly was a great chance to show off those hips!

Unfortunately, none of the teams were able to complete this to perfection.


“Over the limit”

This challenge was for all the gaming fans there. It took place at Redline where participants arrived already drenched and heaving. The challenge was to finish a 50-second lap in a not-so-remarkable car, within 1 minute, with an unlimited number of tries, which the first team accomplished rather easily.

The gamer participants from each team had their much needed moment in the light at this location. Teams that scored amazing timings were also given vouchers by the store staff.


“The Nattami”

It was an opportunity for teams to experience the life of a “Nattami’. A typical Pettah challenge that took place at 1st Cross Street. Participants were required to load the 5kg stack of newspapers onto the dolly, and navigate the dolly through the course making a U-turn at the cone, in turn, to unload the stack of newspapers. Teams were highly pumped up for this interesting task, but they also realized how difficult it was for our Lankan workers who tirelessly scurry through the busy streets of Pettah under the scorching sun.


“Expert Review”

This challenge was where one’s taste buds had to come into play. Each team member was asked to taste one flavour of tea, limiting the number of sips to just 1 per cup. Upon guessing the flavour, they were supposed to place the relevant flavour box in front of the respective tea cup identified. Sri Lanka being a major tea exporter, it was assumed that most of its citizens would get it right, but, alas!



No better way for a DIY car wash! At Auto Mirage, participants were required to completely dry a washed car within 5 minutes. After a lot of splish-splash, teams worked energetically to dry their vehicles to the last drop. Due to a shortage of cars, contestants were more than happy to use their own and get their vehicles sparkling clean, free of charge!


“Robin Hood”

A great try at archery for all teams as this challenge tested skill, strength, and aim. Each team member got two chances to hit the target and points were allocated for one of the two shots hit. Participants were thrilled to try this despite failing to perform successfully, and they stepped out of the venue highly satisfied, feeling like “Robin Hood”.


From the Chairperson’s Desk

Conquer Colombo being a signature project and a brand of its own was never going to be an easy project to execute but as always, we’re a Club who gives it our all for any challenge. As challenging as organizing Conquer Colombo was, it turned out to be an amazing and well planned event which garnered a lot of positive feedback for the unique and unforgettable day the participants got the chance to experience.

Conquer Colombo this year was much more beyond any ordinary Rotaract event and was carrying the title TATA GenX Nano Conquer Colombo 2017 – It only gets tougher. As the name promised we were handed over the immense task of delivering a race which was much more than a walk in the park and all the feedback we have been receiving suggests we did just that. In addition to much tougher challenges we also tried to portray many aspects which are visible in the daily life in Colombo. We wanted our participants to realize how lost they are in this city they know so well and to make them feel just as how a foreigner would feel in this city which they call home.

We also congratulate Team Cactus for emerging the winners of this edition of Conquer Colombo and were lucky enough to win 4 return air tickets to Singapore among a cash prize as well. All the other winners were able to secure a wide scope of prizes ranging from Full board stays at Jetwing hotels to Hilton dinner vouchers, cash prizes , LED TVs and more.

It is not just to the participants, but this was an experience of a lifetime for the organizers as well!

The project’s success is owed to not one or a few, but to our entire club. Each and every member did their utmost to make sure this project lived up to its potential.

We also had to coordinate among the biggest number of sponsors probably any Rotaract project would have had on board and we are more than grateful to each and every corporate that joined us in this venture to make it much better and successful.

A very big and heartfelt thank you to our wonderful Club, our generous sponsors and the volumes of eager participants.

Thank you for making Conquer Colombo 2017 tougher, bigger and better!

~Rtr. Shalutha Jayakody and Rtr, Samina Mohamedi

So once again the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School was able to mark the end of yet another successful event!

Click here to watch the After Movie of TATA GenX Nano Conquer Colombo 2017


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