9th Installation Ceremony – Rotaract Achievers

Board of Directors for the year 2018/19

It was that time of the year again. A much-awaited instance of liberation for an exhausted board, and a greatly anticipated moment of glory and pride for an unsuspecting set of “newbies”, oblivious to the many trials yet to come. As much as it was a relief for those that were stepping down from their positions of utmost responsibility, there was still a lingering sense of dissonance in the air. Because while Rotaract has its obvious instances of distress, it’s the numerous moments of bliss scattered throughout one’s Rotaract experience that is remembered. Thus, as can be imagined, the Rotaract Installation was more sentimental of a matter to those involved than you would expect for an event you’d usually sweep aside as a mere formality.

Awarding the token of Appreciation to the Immediate Past President Rtr. Laila Zafir by her Board of Directors.

The Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School has a long history of individuals rising to the occasion to save the day, or in more Rotaract terms: to save a project. If there was one guy who’d keep rising to the occasion over and over again until it was common place to see him become the hero, it would be Rtr. Hamdhan, whom the general public may know by any of the numerous colorful nicknames he has accumulated over the years. While the rest of us were merely enthusiastic, Rtr. Hamdhan was passionate. A trait which he held true to up until the moment he was adorned with the President’s collar and walked up to the podium to address the gathered as the newly appointed President of the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School. The level of emotion he displayed at the podium was a testament to all that makes Rotaract worthwhile: lifelong friendships, love, dedication and a zealous hunger to serve.

Handing over the duties to the new President Rtr. Hamdhan Sulaiman by the Immediate Past President Rtr. Laila Zafir

Rtr. President Hamdhan’s heartfelt speech wasn’t the only surge of emotion present that day. Rtr. Naadir’s brilliant introduction of Rtr. Hamdhan despite being literally a continent and several seas away drew waves of laughter and applause from the audience. Hopefully, the revelations made in the said introduction wouldn’t hinder Rtr. Hamdhan’s numerous international exploits- or may I say “attempted exploits”. The customary introduction of the board members also struck a few chords in the emotional spectrum, albeit mostly from the more humorous portion of it. Rtr. Laila’s final speech and her subsequent release of Rtr. Rangesh from her friendzone came in close second to being the highlight of the day. However, the winner and the proverbial cherry on top of the cake was Rtr. Devindini’s surprise pre birthday celebration where the entire hall erupted into singing happy birthday while she awkwardly stood in front of everyone, failing repeatedly to blow out the candles (after the third attempt she gave up and resorted to ignore the flames while she dove in). All in all, at the very least Rotaract Achievers knows how to throw an installation.

The Board of Directors for the years 2018/19

Rtr. Randima Fernando


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