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They say that only those who believe in magic will ever find it. Four years ago, I stumbled upon a group of people who made me laugh and happy. I didn’t know it then but that’s when I found the magic that’s all around me today.

Finding this magic may have been a coincidence but I made the choice of joining Rotaract. I made the choice of applying to the Board of Directors, I made the choice of taking up secretary and I made the choice of taking up the presidency and for all these years, without a doubt, those were probably the best decisions I made in life.

When I think of Rotaract Achievers I will always think of the stories and the memories. The days we spent laughing till our stomachs hurt and the nights we spent sleeping on floors.

I will always remember everyone calling Thisura, my slave, more often than you’d think and between you and me, I started it. I will always remember Hasitha shamelessly asking random girls if they want biscuits and getting rejected. I quote “Excuse me, would you like some biscuits”. I will always remember making Bipash uncomfortable by asking him about his love life. No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has a special friend. I will always remember forcefully hugging Asel as he comes up with something clever to bully me. Bullies often act the way they do because someone hurt them. Who hurt you, Asel?

I will always remember the innocence of Kalani and Hashini, with their gentle souls and kind hearts. Niflaz and Rishad, the dynamic duo who have insane skills in marketing and finance. I know what you’re thinking but apparently they are only best friends. How everyone thinks of farms when they hear Suwithi or thinks of eggs when they hear Hiru. Our very own Sheldon Cooper, Rahul rolling his eyes when we say something stupid.

Nadun, who is probably the best video editor I’ve ever seen. My right and left hands, Akila and Nuwanthi. Hamdhan, my very own motivational speaker. Sweet talker, Yasiru and Pruthuvi who I always say is too chilled out and last but not the least my very dedicated newbies.

I will always remember playing around with the children of Sneha, sleepless nights for Conquer Colombo, learning the skills of an art director for The Lounge, travelling in the back of lorries for Ekamuthuwa, midnight meetings and pictionary during quarantine and laughing hysterically with the team all day, every day.

I will also remember the unwavering commitment of my team and for all those who worked passionately to find the joy that comes after successfully completing a project. Some people make the world special just by being in it. The members of Rotaract Achievers make it special just by being a part of the club. Everything the club has accomplished over the years is because of its members who always work together no matter what. So here’s to my immensely talented team that can overcome any obstacle through sheer perseverance.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all the past presidents and senior members who shared their wisdom and guided us. My co-director, co-chairpersons I’ve worked with and to all the friends I made in Rotaract.

The past four years were undoubtedly some of the best years of my life and that is more or less because of Rotaract and mostly because of Rotaract Achievers. It has been an extremely challenging journey, there were tears, sweat and a lot of late nights involved,  but above all, I am truly grateful for the many lessons learned. Rotaract is not easy and it might not be for everyone but I continue to learn and improve myself in this amazing movement and I couldn’t have been more thankful and truth be told that is the reason I joined Rotaract. 

Through all these years and all these memories, I’ve learnt, I’ve experienced and I’ve been inspired. I only hope that I was able to inspire my team and leave a memory that they will cherish for a lifetime.

To all those who will lead the club in the future, just like mine, your journey will be challenging, but difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe you’re not sure if you’re ready for it, but let me tell you one thing, you never will be. That’s the beauty of it. We all need a little bit of magic sometimes. Rotaract Achievers was my magic. After all, you don’t get the same moment twice in life and some memories can never be replaced!

So Here’s to all the memories that I will cherish for a lifetime!

Rtr. Sathma Jayasinghe

President 2019-2020

Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School

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The journey and the way forward of RAC Colombo North

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From the appointment of Rtr. Nadeeshani Karandana as the President of Rotaract Club of Colombo North for the year 2019/20, Rotaract Club of Colombo North has been a part of numerous projects which were focused on quality and the service which it could render to the communities around us. As we set our sail, we decided to land in projects where it built our stability within the movement as we wanted to do multiple joint projects to show the solidarity we express within our community and the member base. One of the highlighting projects of 1st quarter was the beach clean up which was carried out at Mattakkuliya along with 4 other Rotaract Clubs in the aim of reducing coastal pollution with plastics, as Sri Lanka was identified as the 5th nation to release plastics to the ocean in the entire world. 

Moving forward to the 2nd quarter of the year, as this quarter resulted in many difficulties to gather the internal members due to recurring examinations and work commitments a different approach was taken to tackle this. The annual club gathering and the trip were conducted during this period to increase the engagement of the internal member base. Moreover, the general members of the club initiated a quick project to treat the stranded elders in the streets with food and medicines as per their need. This project was not published a lot in social media as we felt this was much more related to our hearts than the social media likes. 

What we did, is not for the likes but for the belief we share within our community to be hospitable for anyone and everyone we come across in our life” – Rtr. Sanjeays Fernando 

As we stepped into the 3rd quarter of the year, we realized that each of our members comes from different backgrounds and each of their backgrounds carries various needs and requirements. As to address a few of these matters we as a club decided to raise funds to support a school’s athletic meet and yearly award ceremony. Having to receive the blessings and wishes from the school kids who rejoiced a moment of happiness through the funding which was raised from the members of the club. 

It is important to mention how the 4th quarter of the year was spent as it was the most crucial time period during the entire year as the world was fighting against the deadliest diseases of this century. This quarter had our most important financial and signature project of our club, which eventually had to be postponed once again due to the restrictions and given by the government officials. To make a positive ending for the Rotaract Year and proceed ahead for the transition, multiple projects were planned and implemented. Few of the notable projects are Green Lockdown and Ammawarune. 

Green Lockdown, was a project focused on gardening and planting trees and plants which could be used for food. As we clearly ran this project in social media to gain attention to the cause and create a ripple effect on everyone who sees the post. As during this time social media challenges were trending beyond the usual limits. This project resulted in one of the most successful projects for us in terms of the social media attraction we received from this project along with fulfilling the core objective of the project.

Ammawarune is a project which could be considered as a defining project of the entire club, to show how much we care about each other around us no matter how far they are and which background they come from. This project is specifically focused on the mothers from a village in Nuwerilaya, which is one of the largest inbound tourist locations of this island. Many are not aware that these places do need refurbishments of hospitals and clinics. As we found out about a mother’s clinic which was largely affected by landslides and wet climates, once again the club gathered it’s hand to make sure we fulfil the requirements of the mothers of that village. Refurbishing the mother’s clinic was the biggest help that the entire community needed as many mothers have lost their kids due to various issues which were not treatable at the clinic itself. 

As a club, we believe this project would give the blessings of all the beneficiaries of the mother’s clinic to the club as it could be auspicious for the future of this club. Moreover, this project would be the last major project of the Rotaract year 2019/20. The number of projects could be lesser than many other clubs in the movement, but the hearts we touched as a club is greater than any other club in the movement. 

As we spoke about the Rotaract Year which is nearing its completion, it is important to understand how the upcoming year is shaping up with a new team of office bearers of this prestigious club. Below are some thoughts which were shared by the incoming president Rtr. Lafraan Lahir and his core team. 

In the upcoming Rotaract Year, we as a club are focused on certain areas to strengthen the inner club base and expand the partnerships we have at the moment. As the Newly elected President, Rtr. Lafraan Lahir is expected to take in the office along with his office bearers in the coming month. As Rtr. Lafraan believes in team spirit and togetherness, during his tenure, he has planned numerous projects based on building the team spirit and promoting the importance of helping others to build themselves while building others. 

As a club, we have decided to cluster the year into 4 quarters and keep separate internal goals to keep up the spirit of volunteerism going on within the club and in the movement as a whole. Majority of our members are coming from a similar age group, we have planned exciting projects to attract more individuals and corporate partnerships to pull off an amazing year filled with worthy causes which could directly help the needy community in and around the nation. As it is a vital responsibility of each of us to look after our fellow countrymen. 

One of the key areas we as a club will be addressing in this year would be, how to build our lives to be more agile and flexible for tough situations such as COVID19 or Global Economic Crisis. We will be initiating a ground-level plan to build sustainable solutions and recommendations for youngsters who are affected and suffering from the recent past situation. Moreover, we as a club believe that we need to focus on a global level threat on humankind and the kindness around humans. 

We would like to invite you all to join hands with us to build our community to be much stronger and wiser with situations and be supportive to each other without considering any cast or creed as we all belong into one mother nation. Setting aside our differences, let’s get together to strengthen and build a support system for greater causes along with volunteering to make a difference within our community. 

Viva La Rotaract. 

Rtr. Yakuta Dawood and Rtr. Thariq Hamad

Rotaract Club of Colombo North 

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RefleXions by Rotaract Achievers on Scribd

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The Fandemic


Due to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the entire country went on lockdown as a safety measure at the end of March. As people who were busy with our university studies and of course Rotaract work, adjusting ourselves to this new lifestyle certainly wasn’t easy. At a time when we were bored out of our minds staying at home during the lockdown, the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance brought us a refreshing experience – The Fandemic – An online quiz series based on 4 fandoms.

I and my fellow members from our club were really excited to try this out since we saw the first poster and the teaser video. We even talked about which quizzes we will be choosing to participate and even considered binge-watching them all over again! We were able to see how much hype it set among others as well when the WhatsApp groups were created to communicate the participants for each quiz. The group chat was flooding with messages and GIFs related to each quiz and it was really fun to get to know the fellow crazy fans of your favourite show/movie franchise!
The first quiz was on the 15th of April, based on F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the quiz I was waiting to try out the most. Being a die-hard fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., I pretty much knew a lot about the series starting from the dialogues, so I was excited yet nervous to see the questions.

I got into the final 50 along with Rtr. Thisura Ramanayake. The final 50 were divided into groups of 10 and only 2 out of the 10 were selected for the final round from each group. There were some tricky questions as well; for example, “When did Chandler’s father put on a Santa suit?”, “Who’s the owner of Rosita?”. After a competitive round, I was placed 2nd in my group making my way to the finals.

The questions in the final round were much more challenging. The fellow finalists knew the show to the core and gave a really good fight till the end. At last, Rtr. Riz Liyanage from the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Science University of Colombo became the champion of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. quiz – the ultimate F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan. I was placed 4th overall which truly made my day.

The second quiz was on the 19th of April, based on Harry Potter. All the Potterheads, including myself, were eager to test our knowledge in Harry Potter. I don’t think there’s anyone who didn’t binge-watch the Harry Potter franchise during this lockdown, and this quiz sure made all participants relive the enjoyable moments of the series. Me, Rtr. Thisura Ramanayake, Rtr. Rahul Jeyanthan and Rtr. Asel Gunaratne got into the final 50 and Rtr. Rahul snuck through to the final round. While he ended up claiming the 3rd place, Sheron Felix became the champion – claiming to be the biggest Potterhead of all.

The third quiz was on the 23rd of April, based on Marvel. I really enjoyed the Avengers movie franchise so I thought of giving this a try as well. However, the quiz was based on movies like the X men series, Deadpool, TV series and comics which I wasn’t very familiar with. So, this quiz was comparatively hard and I couldn’t go beyond the first round. Rtr. Hasitha Jayasuriya and Rtr. Naadir Thassim were able to move into the final 50. Rtr. Adheeban Gowrishankar from the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Science of University of Colombo became the champion and proved that no one can outsmart him when it came to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The fourth quiz was on the 26th of April, based on Game of Thrones. This was the only quiz I didn’t participate since I haven’t watched the show. However, my fellow club members participated and Rtr. Asel Gunartne was able to make it to the final 50. Ravindu Shehan emerged champion in the quiz and certainly made his fandom proud.

The show wasn’t over yet… after the four champions were selected from each fandom to the surprise of the participants including the four champions, a final quiz was held for them to battle one last time for the Ultimate Throne – THE FANDEMIC – ENDGAME!

The Fandemic – Endgame was held on the 27th of April, and the quiz was streamed live on Facebook. I watched the live stream and the finalists competed really well. In the end, Sheron Felix went past his fellow competitors to win The Fandemic.

The Fandemic – An online quiz series based on 4 fandoms was certainly a refreshing experience to Rotaractors as well as non Rotaractors and made our boring lives rather enjoyable during this quarantine period. Kudos to team FMF for coming up with this creative idea and for putting a lot of work to come up with a total of 29 quizzes – it sure must not have been easy. This made us relive the good moments we had with the 4 fandoms and the credit certainly goes to team FMF for that.

Rtr. Vinuri Ramanayake

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Hat-trick 2020


I woke up early on a Sunday morning, excited and ready for one of my favourite Rotaract events of the calendar year. Hatrick had always been a fun and exciting cricket tournament unlike any other and was always a ‘must-attend’. As we pulled up to the Thurstan College cricket ground, located just off Baudhaloka Mawatha, I remembered how it was at this same venue that Hatrick 2019 was unpleasantly interrupted by the Easter Sunday attacks in April 2019. Nevertheless, this was a completely new day which would go onto be very enjoyable. The atmosphere at the ground was one of excitement. Many teams had shown up and were scattered across the ground, warming up and practising.

 The defining factor to hattrick over other cricket tournaments is neatly incorporated into its slogan, “You’re not out”. It simply meant that the tournament had ‘plate’ rounds to play for as well. This means that teams wouldn’t spend a large portion of their day under the scorching sun, just to be knocked out of the tournament due to some tough luck in the first game…unlike in some other tournaments( If ya know, ya know). At Hat trick, you are guaranteed at least 2-3 games, which appeals well to a team, that, although has never been short on talent and ability, often choked on the pressure of opening games. Unfortunately, this was yet again the case for the team from the Rotaract Club of Achievers.

Simply put, we were outplayed in our opening game. Having batted first, we were unable to set an imposing target despite valiant efforts from Rtr, Thisura, Rtr. Mubashir and Rtr. Sahan. The opposing team managed to chase the score down with an over to spare. However, this was hattrick, we didn’t have to feel disappointed, and we would still be playing the plate rounds. Soon it was lunchtime and we were given lunch packs, water bottles and even cans of Redbull by the organizing committee. They really did go above and beyond!

During our second match of the day, we did much better. Having opted to bowl first, we were able to restrict the opposing team to 52 runs, owing to good bowling efforts by Rtr. Kasun, Rtr. Sahan and the rest of the bowlers. A clinical batting performance by the openers saw us through to our first win of the day, with an over to spare!

The third match was a much tighter game, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to come out on top. It was disappointing, but the team did perform well and most importantly, we had fun, lots of fun! We were able to spend our Sunday playing the game we loved with our friends, our progression through the tournament wasn’t as important to us as one might think.

As the day came to a close, we watched a few more matches and decided to head home. We thanked the organizing committee for the memorable day and vowed to return to play in next year’s edition of Hattrick as well.

Rtr. Yasiru Gunaratne

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ShareIt: Be Aware of what you share

share it

File Transferring among various devices such as Personal Computers, Mobile Phones Tablets used to depend on several technologies like Bluetooth, Infrared until recently. Though these services were reliable they were not suitable to transfer large content as the transfer speed was several MB per second. With the development in data transmission techniques, new services emerged promising faster file transfer speeds due to their reliability of techniques such as NFC, WiFi, etc. These apps had another advantage of being able to work across different device platforms be it Android, iOS, Windows, etc. and it helped to increase their popularity in a rapid face. Among such apps, SHAREit can be considered as one of the leaders in the category, which has been downloaded for over 1.8 billion times across 200 countries and have around 500 million active users as well. 

Unlike social media apps, which are notorious for their data and privacy practices, these File transfer apps are not considered to be harmful. But do they really operate with fewer privacy data? We are about to explore this by looking at the privacy disclosure of SHAREit App.

The App collects your personal information if you open an account or use another service like Twitter, Facebook to log in, which includes your basic personal details along with email address, mobile number, etc.

Furthermore, when you use the service, the app may collect Location data related to your device. This does not limit to the usual GPS data, but also data from “WiFi, compass, accelerometer or other sensors in your mobile device”

Therefore it appears that the app may be using a number of hardware in the device you to transfer file and content while gathering several location related data that can affect your data privacy. 

Another controversial point that appears is that the App possibly collects data about the other activities that you perform while you are using SHAREit. 

As per the privacy statement, your personal and usage data is collected to function the services of the App. And they may require to transfer user data to countries such as “the People’s Republic of China or Singapore.” China is known for its controversial personal data monitoring and usage, and this is further enhanced by the fact that the parent company ushareit has Chinese roots.

But the company states that depending on the applicability of laws, the users will be able to request their personal data, restrict or even erase them by sending their request to

Furthermore, the statement explains that the company will not share your personal data with third parties without consent. But there are certain exceptions such as under the mandatory requirement from government authorities, For the purpose of academic research or the public interest, to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests, etc. 

  “The information that you transfer, send and/or share through the Application, the Services and/or the Site may be intercepted, collected, used and disclosed by third parties” For which the company is not responsible and the users need to take necessary security measures to avoid such incidents.  

Our Verdict: Despite the seemingly safe outlook of the App, ease of use and the transferring speeds, there may be a threat for your data privacy by using SHAREit. Therefore it is advisable to take necessary privacy protection measures in-app and with the support of other apps such as Anti-virus services.

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Hotdog Showdown


Would you believe me if I said that there is an event where you get to eat any amount of hotdogs you want? Sounds like every foodie’s dream come true right?

Well then, the place you should have been was at Green Path on the 15th of February, where we got the opportunity to gobble down hot dogs. Its called the Hot Dog Showdown and yes you guessed it right, it’s a competition where you have to eat hot dogs. This is an event organized by the Rotaract Club of Informatics Institute of Technology and the challenge is to eat any amount of hotdogs you can within a time span of 2 minutes. Sounds good right? Well, there’s more to it. They give amazing prizes too. That’s just not it. There is a wide variety of food stalls, celebrity guest appearances, a motor show that brought in many sports cars along with the presence of Dilantha Malagamuwa and many more. The organisers had managed to entertain everyone who attended. Foodie or not, it was an evening to remember.

If I dive a bit deep into this project, the proceedings from this event are invested in a community service project named E-mithudama done by the Rotaract Club of IIT. It is based around the core objective of helping school children from rural, underprivileged areas of the country- to support and uplift their computer literacy.

The Hot Dog Showdown is quite a famous event in the Rotaract calendar. It is an event where most rotaractors come together. It is a place where memories are made.  This year, there were many performances from La Bandos, Watalappan and a music band from IIT. This event also featured a dancing item and the famous Srilankan celebrity IRAJ.

This years event was a little more special to us because of Rtr. Suwithi, one of our club members won the 3rd place in the women’s category. Furthermore, it was seen that the men’s winner won for the 5th consecutive time which made the audience awestruck. Overall it was a great event and an event that shouldn’t be missed.

Rtr. Nuwanthi Manapperuma

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Episode 3


In this episode we meet one of the upcoming Multi-faceted personalities of the country, Hirushi Jayasena. Where we talk about her rapping skills, her time at Harvard and many more.

Hope everyone would have great fun watching it.

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