Don’t let it consume you

In celebration of World No Tobacco Day- 31st May 2017, the WHO took as its theme "Tobacco - a threat to development" which will propose measures that governments and the public should take to promote
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FIA – The Battle

Not all battles are fought with swords and bows and arrows. Some are fought with vocal chords, drumsticks and your dancing shoes. Sometimes in packed arenas, in place of blood drenched battle fields”. This year,
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UNV Online Volunteering

Internet is not only about Social Networks or Entertainment sites. There are plenty of value adding websites that most of us have never even heard of. Instead of seeking out these less famous but more
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Joint Projects

Colombo Blind Walk

One of the largest eye donation campaigns in the world, was conducted in connection with the World Sight Day on Thursday, October 13 2016 through a very innovative program called the World Blind Walk organized
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