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Let’s get Rich

Want to get rich? Rich with money? This might not be the best article for you if you’re looking to earn more money, but this may be the best article to earn money continuously for the rest of your life. Being rich is not just a measurement of the quantity of money you possess, it’s the measurement of quality of oneself which is measured throughout your life shaped with your own doing. Getting rich with Quality will enable all other measurements to fall within our frame of life.

Did you know, that money is a mode of transaction which came to life in the early era of human civilization to buy and sell things? But right now at this moment, it’s the measurement of all most everything. Money which was a mode has now become the main member of the newest cast system in the world, where we differentiate and categorize people according to the quantity of money they possess. We don’t care how the money is earned, even if it was inherited, if it was hard-earned, or if it was just offered money, or earned in ill ways. We just look at the cover page of an earner or an inheritor that states how Rich in Money this person is, what type of a vehicle does the person uses, the house they live in, the clothes they wear, and the list goes on and on. Without stopping there, after casting ourselves according to the “Richness”, we tend to make life choices accordingly. We tend to find friends looking at their cast that we created, we tend to find our life partners looking at their casts a.k.a Money, throughout generations we keep practicing this, and at the end of the day all our choices, all our decisions were centered on one element; “Money”, which is a mode of transaction. A physical element a person can earn in different ethical and unethical ways. As a result of those choices and decisions, we face their consequences.

We try to overcome the circumstances we face, but we only just delay them. The only way of stopping them is to make the correct decision at the correct time. So, what defines correct and incorrect time? Our categorization(casts) defines them, and It’s time to cast ourselves according to the choices we make, according to the things we do. A fairway of classification to all humans I would say. I believe that it’s the quality of a person we should focus on. What is so-called “Quality” means; the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Quality of a person can never be faked, can never be inherited, can never be taken or learned by ill ways, it can only be achieved through doing good deeds to the society. Quality of ourselves never on the hands of our parents, or our teachers, or our friends we meet in this life, it is 100% on our hands. Differentiating you, according to a factor that is completely on your hands would be the best and fair way to cast ourselves, by that we get the responsibility of ourselves completely on our hands.

So, how to find money with quality?  This is a common question and let’s try to find an answer. To live, we need just food, water, and air which were freely available, but not anymore. Everything is now labeled with a price tag. Pricing everything even the basic needs of a human-led us to the above-mentioned casting system we made ourselves. But yes, still we can make our money with the quality we possess. We all know that having a stable job with a stable source of income is the goal of every one of us to live happily. To have a job we should learn, qualify and mostly face an interview. If we assume that the interviewer was rich in quality than rich in money, the person with the real talent and qualifications would be able to pass into the job, not the person who has the most money to offer would. From that point onwards the company or organization which has an employee who is rich in quality would outperform all other companies, finding themselves a higher profit. At the end of the day, all the employees of that company would have raised a salary and a peaceful friendly non-backstabbing office environment as well. With just one person’s richness of their quality, it changed millions of lives and attitudes for a better future. That person would never get poor again even his bank accounts get deserted.

If we plan to get rich today with a quality, your birth certificate or your religion won’t become an obstacle for your future. Only the choices you make would decide how rich you are going to be in this world. Even the poorest man would be able to make himself a better future. The rich ill full person would never be able to rule with money. Corruption would reduce, law and order can be restored, where we all can live in peace and harmony and make a beautiful future for ourselves.

Never wait till the other to change. Be the Bill Gates in Quality starting today. Let’s Get Rich to live in a world where we are recognized for the choices we make, for the decisions we take not for the choices we inherited.

Never Give UP

Rtr. Ruwin Rathnayake

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