Drools – Vet Talks

Rotaractors are an unstoppable species. Their ability to find ways to accomplish the need to fill the gaps in society is unfathomable! And the project, Drools- Vet Talks organized by the Rotaract Club of ICBT is such an initiative that sprung up to educate people in aiding their pet animals during the quarantine.

Receiving a warm welcome from Rtr. Methmi Pinnagoda, the project commenced through an online platform, adapting to the present circumstances. The guest speakers for the day, the founders of the Pet Vet Clinic, Dr Nalinika Obeysekera and Dr Janaki Collure started off with impact of COVID-19 on animals, clearing the common questionnaires that run about in our minds.

“Can us, humans catch the virus from our pets!?” was one of them. Though cats have the ability to get infected from humans and show the ability to spread among other cats, it is highly unlikely and there is no evidence so as to humans getting infected from pet animals. Dr Nalinika also went out to explain that dogs show more resistance to the virus and do not possess the ability to spread it among their kind or humans.

Rtr. Tashya Wickramarachchi then opened the platform to Dr Janaki to share her knowledge in Pharmacology and her years of clinical practice experience in several countries in enlightening us with the basic medical treatments that can be followed at home till help arrives. Humbly did she go on to make us aware that Panadol nor Panadeine like painkillers are NEVER given to cats but to dogs and introduction of jeewani (5ml at a time) with respective to vomiting and diarrhoea.

Our loved buddies, especially puppies and kittens and can get themselves in quite risky situations with their playful nature! Munching into poisonous substances is the worst of all. Making pets swallow a considerable amount of charcoal is the key, according to Dr Janaki, as it absorbs poison.

Dr Nalinika, whose love for animals is inestimable, reminded us of the love and joy that our pet animals bring about in our lives, encouraging us to use this time to build a deeper connection. Teaching us to prepare them for our full-time absence when COVID-19 dies down as well.

Thus, ended an impactful project from the Rotaract Club of ICBT, serving justice to all our animal friends and enlightening pet owners not only from Sri Lanka but Pakistan and India as well! Kudos to everyone who put the event together!

Rtr. Niflaz Nuhuman


The author RACALBS