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How to Get Over Yourself 101: Join a Rotaract Club! Pitch in.

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It is so easy to break the human spirit. Admittedly, everybody lives on their egos.

Aren’t we all so terribly human when we lie awake in bed for hours, with our failures and complacencies flickering against the empty ceiling? But you see, it takes a lot of effort to break a crowd with a collective motive. When you pitch in to a purpose that’s larger than yourself, that spirit is strenuous to break.

There is a certain power in a large group of people that can prompt your core purpose, obliterate past failures, shift perspectives and heal broken hearts. Yes, I really meant that. Whether your 9 to 5 is irritating you, your work-study schedule is uneventful or you just went through a tragic break up, even if you’re having an early to midlife crisis, joining that local Rotaract Club could be your saving grace.

The three  brief months I spent at Rotaract Achievers made me realize that regardless of the amazing work that gets done, we were all mostly just having a fair amount of fun and that kind of high spirit really worked its own kind of magic in not only the work we do, but in our personalities. Even today, I would gladly opt to run around for them doing the pettiest of chores just to watch how they function as a team, just to be a part of something so exclusively successful.


Now there has been plenty of talk about social services and how Rotaract is an organization that empowers students and young professionals to create positive changes in their local communities, in order to become the corporate leaders of tomorrow. But what if I told you that no one really cares?

The truth is that a diminishing handful of people have true concerns for the community. The truth is that the corporate leaders of tomorrow will nevertheless be hell-bent on profits and profiteering. At Rotaract Achievers , we seemed to understand the truth of this quite well. We seemed to understand that our good intent was not equal to our value proposition. We made sure that the fundraising events we organized were so good and so profitable, that we actually earned the right to go back and tell people what amazing work we do for the community with the money we raise.


Perhaps one of the best reasons behind the countless achievements at my Club were the sharp business minds that not only did exemplary jobs at leading the Club in the past years, but also never left the scene, constantly extending their support through every step of the way, well at least until they grow too old for us and get married of course, which is highly likely given the revelation that our generation is nearing mid-age and how there has been a concerning number of weddings to attend. Never-the-less we seem to be a Club that undeniably has a great deal of teamwork chemistry that has added to our quality.

So before you all end up married to someone inevitably, start today and be a part of something larger than yourself. Let your complacencies and egos aside, join that local Rotaract Club! Pitch in and find your very own tribe and grow with them in the process! That way, not only will you surround yourself with the right people for you, but you will also get over yourself, no matter your circumstance!

Much love,

Rtr. Dinushi Rupasinghe

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