Here’s a look back at all the little steps, and a few giant leaps we’ve made along the way, to take the club from its’ humble beginnings to the unprecedented heights of today.


The Rotaract club of Achievers Lanka Business School was chartered in 2010, and to date holds the distinction of being the first and only Rotaract club by a CIMA institute in Sri Lanka. Within it's very first year, the club chartered 'Christmas Smiles', under the leadership of PP. Rtr. Shehan Adikari, which has now become the longest standing project of the club.


Led by PP. Rtr. Shafraz Saleem, the club focused on gaining stability, to ensure sustainability. Membership grew in numbers in the club's second year and projects such as 'Christmas smiles' initiated in the first year, were continued. Still in it's early years, the club clinched several awards at the Rotaract district assembly, including the 'Gold for the best e-bulletin' , which has since become a trend, the 'Rotaract Change maker award' and the award for the 'Most high achieving young Rotaract Club in Sri Lanka'


Rotaract Achievers, previously confined to carrying out projects within the club, began to expand its presence in the Rotaract district, in it's third year, led by PP. Rtr. Ali Asger Shabbir. The club won the bid to host 'Friends in Action', which was resumed by the Rotaract district, following a long hiatus. The project, and the club, attracted the attention of several and emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The structure and professionalism of the club this year, resulted in the club clinching several awards including 'Award of merit for best reporting club of the year 2012/2013', 'Award of administrative excellence 2012/2013', 'Award of merit for best annual report of the year 2012/2013', and 'Award of merit for best project report of the year 2012/2013'


This year was led by PP. Rtr. Lahiru Gunasekera under the theme 'Believe. Achieve. Inspire' and went on to become one of the most iconic years in the club's illustrious history. Success in the previous year's edition saw the club being handed the bid for Friends in Action, and did justice by ensuring the first ever sell out at FIA, weeks before the show. The club went a step further, to initiate Conquer Colombo, which has now become the flagship project of Rotaract Achievers. The great efforts of the club was rewarded with a multitude of awards including 'The best Rotaract Club of the year 2013/2014', 'President of the year 2013/2014', 'Secretary of the year 2013/2014', and 'Best Annual report of the year 2013/2014'


The club set it's intention of stamping it's mark among the Rotaract district clear at the outset, and launched the club website at the installation Ceremony. A lot of emphasis was placed on PR by the president PP. Rtr. Sandaru Leelaratne, and it bore fruit without massive participation of all club events including Friends in Action, Conquer Colombo, footloose etc. Friends in Action, which was handed to Rotaract Achievers by the Rotaract district, to make it a project of it's own, moved to BC Auditorium, to accommodate the larger audience, and achieved a sell out. The project also went on to win the Silver award for the best PR project at the Rotaract district Assembly. The innovative 'E-bulletin' which helped spread the club's image, won gold at the Rotarct District assembly, while 'Conquer Colombo' went on to clinch gold for the best club service project.


Although an already established club in the Rotaract district, the club led by IPP. Rtr. Aaqeel Jiffry Under the theme 'Beyond Boundaries', was determined to make a disruptive difference. In keeping with the club's theme, all projects this year were enormous, both in scope and scale. Conquer Colombo, grew to dizzying heights, partnering with over 15 companies, to accommodate a participation of over 1500 people, both local and foreign. The success of the project resulted in the club clinching its' first ever award for 'The best Rotaract project of the year' at the Rotary district assembly - An honor only bestowed to a single Rotaract project, among thousands each year. In addition the club also won 'The best Rotaract Club of the year 2015/2016', 'President of the year 2015/2016', 'Secretary of the year 2015/2016', Silver for 'Best reporting club of the year 2015/2016' among several others


Rtr. Maneesha Abeyarathne took reigns of a club that had by now established a reputation of excellence and won several awards in district 3220. Although the immediate challenge was sustenance, the club managed to go beyond in receiving international acclaim, winning the award for “Most Outstanding Club Service Project in South Asia”. The Clubs’ biggest, most sustainable Community Service Initiative to date – ‘Project Life’ was initiated which focused on providing access to clean water to areas affected by the Chronic Kidney Disease in rural Sri Lanka. Friends in Action elevated the magic, and introduced a ‘Battle’ for the first time in the competition, in a 360 Arena, for the first time in Sri Lanka. Çonquer Colombo secured it’s first Title partner and tied hands with Foundtion of Goodness to amplify the project’s impact even further. Functioning under the theme of “Unite to Ignite”, the club envisioned working, striving and creating magic together as a team, and together with the all stakeholders of the Rotary family. To ignite – meant to set alive the passion, the hope and the magic. Through all the improvements, progressive and revolutionary - the club delivered on this promise to ‘Unite to Ignite’.