Theme of the Year: “Unite to Ignite”

The theme of every new year for a Club has got to be reflective of how the Club wishes to function and is a resolution to be worked on. The former year’s theme, ‘Beyond Boundaries’, had us driven throughout the year to work to reach phenomenal heights of achievements which were previously unperceived of. When we got to thinking of a phrase for this year’s theme, it was decided that the essence of it should be about Teamwork as we realized that in order to sustain our growth, it is vital to work in unison.

‘Unity’ or ‘togetherness’ cannot be words simply used to describe a group of individuals who are in the same organization. A real Team comprises of people who regardless of their level of experience or skill, are equally committed to working together for the betterment of the organization and in the case of a Rotaract Club, the society at large.

It is an age of interdependency and so, unity and co-operation. When each of us with different ideas and talents, Unite to Ignite our passions, not only do we become the reasons behind wonderful projects, but we also get to improve ourselves.

Unity gives strength to every member of the society and as our theme of the year suggests, we have resolved to work together in ways we may never have done before, to serve, have fun, achieve and celebrate like we may never have done before.