The Dawn of a New Beginning

They say that every end is a new beginning, and with new beginnings come more opportunities. Opportunities to explore and experience, with each new experience moulding us into the people we are today. As I believe Rotaract Achievers is one of the best places to gain leadership experience and to learn and thrive. We are undoubtedly proud of our members, of how much they have grown over the years, how much they have offered this club and their hard work, dedication and the perseverance towards doing better for people and society. While doing for others, we are even more proud of how we have helped each other grow to become better versions of ourselves.

Although every member of the club has their own inspiring life story, let’s talk about two individuals who have come a long way. The two individuals who will now take the baton in leading the club. It’s none other than Rtr. Thisura and Rtr. Suwithi, the 20.21 generation of Rotaract Achievers.

For me, one of the best things about being a leader is being able to inspire those around me and seeing them grow into amazing individuals who are passionate about what they do. Having said that I take pride in saying that I had the opportunity to see Rtr. Thisura and Rtr. Suwithi grow into the amazing Rotaractors they are today.

The kind hearted charming personality of Thisura is not a secret to any of us. Don’t let the 12-year-old boy look, fool you. He is strong-willed and ambitious. I remember months back when Thisura was just taking up the role of secretary, he said to me “I’m not much of a public speaker”. Today I see him motivating and encouraging the entire club.

As a secretary, he was indeed a pillar of strength to the club and a role model. On a side note he was also the known “singer” and entertainer of the club. As I always say the club was blessed to have him. As a president I have no doubt that he will do wonders and take the club to an even greater height.

Suwithi on the other hand has more of a bubbly personality. She is courageous, energetic and always up for a new challenge. Her electrifying enthusiasm and persistence, mixed with being a little blonde when it comes to jokes although she laughs about them anyway, all make her a best fit as the club secretary. Suwithi has shown remarkable commitment in the past year and will undoubtedly reach even greater heights with her new role.

The incoming board is truly lucky to be led by this amazing duo who pour their hearts and souls into the club. However, the leadership of these two individuals will not be the only driving factor. I watched the entire board of officials showing extraordinary flair in the past year, which is why I am confident that the club is in good hands. I am nothing but unbelievably proud of my team. I am humbled and honoured to see them become the leaders they are today.

With each generation, Rotaract Achievers becomes a stronger entity delivering more and more service to the community. Now is your time to lead. This is not an easy journey. It will surely be filled with tears, sweat, hard work and happiness but at the end of it you will be able to look back and say “we made it!”

I am a firm believer of taking chances and being fearless because if you don’t you will never know and you are only as brave as you allow yourself to be!

Best of Luck!

Rtr. Sathma Jayasinghe

President 2019-2020


The author RACALBS