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Journey as a Newbie

I joined Achievers Lanka Business School as soon as I was done with my A/Ls to pursue ACCA and after a month I was introduced to our exuberant club. When I initially joined Achievers to study ACCA, as everything was virtual, I didn’t know anyone at all and I didn’t have any friends to even ask for notes which I missed. Going from always being in school with friends around and doing adventures all around the school to having virtual classes from morning to evening and not knowing anyone and only having my screen as my friend was a disaster. I hope everyone could relate to this to some extent.

I would say joining Rotaract Achievers was one of the best decisions I made as that added spice to my disastrous online classes and made me more productive, energetic, enthusiastic and it kept me excited.

The first project that we were able to take part in was food voyeur which was similar to a culinary competition which was done virtually, which gave all of us an interest in culinary arts. From the time we joined the club, our club always gave as an opportunity to be the better version of ourselves while spreading positivity.

There on we were introduced to the rotation program where all the newbies of the club were rotated to all the avenues of the club, which gave us insights of all the avenues. I was first rotated to the Club Service avenue initially and I was amused with the fun filled activities of the club. This actually kick started my journey as a newbie since starting from an avenue like club service made me more enthusiastic and more excited. The first project I chaired was How dare you, which was a truth or dare game that we played among our fellow Rotaractors within the club to get to know each other, which led to everyone making new friends. My co-chair of this project was the first friend whom I got to know from our club (trust me unexpected friendships are the best!!!).

Thereafter I was rotated to the International Service Avenue where I chaired the project “Infusion” where we exchanged traditional food recipes with the Rotaract club De Beyrouth in Lebanon and attempted to prepare it. This time we had an opportunity to do this project physically where we all got together and made Falafel (recipe sent from the Rotaract club De Beyrouth). This project made us all learn a new recipe while having fun. Following the project Infusion, we had Karaoke night which was also a newbie project and which was the first project that featured all the club members to meet each other.

The final avenue that I was rotated to was Professional Development where I chaired the project “Hope” which was a workshop conducted to create awareness on depression and how to deal with the people with depression. This was a very impactful project that I believe will have a lasting impact on those who attended.

We were only able to rotate thrice due to the time constraint, yet it gave all of us a vast knowledge and an idea on what Rotaract is and more insights into our club. As we were able to chair projects, we were able to learn and write reports as well and got an exposure on how to handle projects within the club. The newbie rotation program gave me an opportunity to write reports for all 3 avenues which I was rotated to and it was then, that I learnt about writing reports for projects.

I was never a fan of editing and content writing. But this rotation program helped me develop my editing and content writing skills too.

The newbie rotation program benefited all of us in several ways. Especially this program was very helpful to improve my people skills. I have mentioned the benefits I gained from it throughout my blog.

Initially when I joined the club I had no idea on how exuberant it would be as all of us knew that we might not be able to do physical projects and everything is going to be virtual which will not be much interactive. But at the end I was ecstatic to see how most of our projects were carried successfully on virtual platforms, while we were also able to enjoy, have fun, learn and gain insights from them.

This rotation program played a vital role when applying for the Board of Directors as I had a firsthand experience and being in some of the avenues helped me to decide what fits me the best (I felt like Club Service/International Service suits me more) and I was able to gain knowledge on how each avenue works. I applied for Club Service and International Service as my primary and secondary avenues respectively and I got the opportunity to be the Club Service Directress of the Rotaract club of Achievers Lanka Business School for the year 2021/2022 and I am so excited to organize and chair more fun filled projects.

I would like to conclude by thanking the board 2020/2021 for coming up with this wonderful approach which involved all of us in our club projects which motivated us to be an active member and also for encouraging, motivating all of us to always be a part of the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School.

Written by: Rtr.Sashmittha Manickam Kumar

Edited by: Rtr. Lakshan Banneheke


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