The Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School is known for its many exciting and innovative projects, and “Food Voyager” is no exception. Initiated a few years ago, club members gather every other month at a member’s home as a part of this project to indulge in the joy of cooking. Over the years, this project has become a cherished tradition, fostering fellowship and culinary exploration, with each session filled with creativity, laughter, and mouth watering dishes. 

This Rotaract year, the project started a new practice of having themed sessions that added an extra spark to the members’ culinary journey.

Food Voyager: Halloween Edition

In October 2022, the first session of Food Voyager for the Rotaract year kicked off with a bang as the club members delved into the Halloween spirit. Rotaractors Gavin, Hiruni, Seshan, Yugesh, and Divya enthusiastically took charge of the kitchen at fellow board member Rtr. Hamdaan’s house and embarked on an adventure to create Halloween-themed delights. From savoury egg and lettuce sandwiches to chocolate truffles, the menu left everyone eagerly awaiting their turn to try out the food. Rtr. Seshan’s also whipped up a sauce that quickly became a fan favourite and added an extra flair to the store-bought chips, which were devoured within minutes. Amid laughter and memorable moments, the first session of Food Voyager for the year ended on a positive note. 

Food Voyager: Christmas Edition

December arrived with festive cheer and the club members embraced the holiday season with open hearts. For the Christmas Edition, Food Voyager was carried out in tandem with “A Christmas to Remember”, a club service initiative of Rotaract Initiative. Club members Vinuri, Imesha, Aysha, Kalani, Divani, Divya and Atchaya were joined by fellow members from the Rotaract Clubs of NSBM, Colombo Mid City and Rotaract Mora Alumni on their visit to the Methodist Elders Home, where they made use of Rtr. Sandithi’s sugar cookie recipe to bake Christmas-themed cookies with the elders. Together, they shared the spirit of giving and created lasting memories while singing carols and decorating cooking with the elders.

Food Voyager: Valentine’s Edition

Love was in the air as February arrived, and Food Voyager embraced the Valentine’s spirit. Rotaractors Vinuri, Gavin, Yugesh, Seshan, Malmi, Ashfaq, and Ramajini got together at Rtr. Hiruni’s house for a delightful evening of baking Valentine’s-themed sugar cookies. The cookies were cut into the shape of hearts using cookie cutters in keeping with the theme, and decorated with purple and red icing. Rtr. Seshan’s signature chips and dip had become a staple of the Food Voyager experience by now, and it added a savoury touch to the day. 

Looking back, these Food Voyager sessions have not only been filled with laughter and delicious food but also provided some valuable learning experiences. Through this project, RACALBS members acquired essential skills such as shopping on a budget, culinary techniques, time management, and teamwork. This project also created a platform for members to explore their creativity, showcase their culinary prowess, and build lasting friendships.

Food Voyager, spearheaded by the Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School, has not just been a simple cooking session. It has transformed into a delightful journey of culinary adventures, nurturing fellowship and promoting personal growth. Each themed session also added a unique flavour to the project this year, leaving the members with memories to cherish. 

Food Voyager will continue to inspire, educate, and ignite a passion in club members for the culinary arts, serving as a testament to the joy of cooking together.

Written by: Rtr. Hiruni Hettiarachchi

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